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Ethics Committee

The NATE Ethics committee reviews all written complaints that are filed against NATE members. The committee mediates disputes based upon the legal facts presented in the documentations. The committee reserves the right to terminate the membership of any participating NATE member who does not follow the NATE bylaws.

Kim ames


(949) 225-6000

17975 Sky Park Circle Ste J
Irvine, CA 92614

Member Since: 1984
Term Expires: 2021

NATE Membership Committee

The NATE Membership Committee recruits independently owned and operated barter exchanges that meet the criteria to join the National Association of Trade Exchanges. The NATE Membership Committee reviews and submits applications to the NATE Board of Directors for final approval. These committee members are also available to help mentor new and existing exchanges.

NATE Convention Committee

The NATE Convention Committee is responsible for securing a location for the annual NATE convention, recruiting barter exchanges to attend the convention, recruiting guest speakers and panelists for the convention, and designing the convention agenda.

NATE Education Committee

The NATE Education Committee trains, tests, and educates exchange brokers and owners to become certified trade brokers. Training and testing is given annually at the NATE convention. This committee is also responsible for educating and managing the NATE broker and administrator to help improve and increase commerce within the barter industry.

NATE Public Relations Committee

The NATE Public Relations Committee is responsible for marketing barter related media and events regarding NATE, the BANC, and/or the NATE exchange members via NATE’s website, email marketing, Social Media, and other media and marketing avenues.

The BANC and Finance Committee

The BANC and Finance Committee approves new BANC memberships, regulates BANC credit lines, enforces BANC rules and regulations, processes monthly BANC statements and 1099’s, facilitates the daily broadcast email of BANC offers, and collects cash and/or barter fees owed to the BANC. The committee is responsible for processing all cash and barter income and expenses. They prepare NATE’s annual reports, NATE and BANC Membership applications and renewals, and monitors expenses to maintain a positive cash flow for this non-profit organization.

NATE Technology Committee

The NATE Technology Committee maintains the NATE website and manages the barter software used for BANC transactions. The Technology Committee also discovers and reviews potential technological improvements for the benefit of the organization, and submits to the NATE board for approval.