NATE Barter


“I’ll give you some of mine, if you give me some of yours…”

Our History

NATE was founded in 1984, and exists to promote, educate, and train fellow exchanges in the barter industry. Our association is dedicated to helping independently owned and operated exchanges prosper while upholding a formal standard of ethics and integrity used to maintain federal compliances and regulations.

Today, NATE is the largest trade association for independent trade exchanges! Since 1984, the most successful barter companies have been members of NATE at one time or another.

Here are just a few of the big benefits NATE offers its members:
-Low fee trading
-Lowest membership cost in the industry
-Membership in the only barter organization composed of and focused on independent trade exchanges
-Opportunity to Network with some of the best and brightest leaders in the barter industry
-Ability to attend the prestigious NATE convention each year

Past Nate Presidents:
2003-2004-Ric Zampatti
2006-Debbie Lombardi
2009-2012 Gary Oshry
2013-2014 Ric Zampatti
2015-Maurya Lane
2016- Anne Weiser
2017-2018 John Kucera
2019-Present Kim Ames

Media Inquiries

For all media inquiries contact Kim Ames


17975 Sky Park Circle Ste J Irvine, CA 92614


(949) 225-6000