Barter Client Reacher $1,000,000 in Barter Sales

The Barter Company, a recognized leader in the barter industry, announced today that one of its clients, Art Jewelers, located in Woodstock,has reached the company’s million dollar club level.

To reach the million dollar club level, a barter client must exchange goods and/or services worth at least $1 million within the 2,500-client network. Art Jewelersis a family- owned business that provides beautifully crafted jewelry, including bridal and custom jewelry, repairs, and other services.

“We’re so pleased that Art Jewelers has reached the million dollar level. They join just a handful of other companies in our million dollar club,” said Ric Zampatti, The Barter Company CEO. “We expect to see more and more of our clients reach this level as they increase their use of barter. The benefits for them are improved cash flow, cost savings, and new customers through their door.”